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Önként mennek a szénbányába a gyerekek?

Do children go to the coal mine voluntarily?

Their age is unclear, but the photos indicate they are teenagers – BBC Books Analysis of an image that appeared in North Korean ceremonial news. North Korean state media just reported that orphaned children are volunteering to go to mines, factories and farms.

And the official Central News Agency of the Central News Agency knows that 700 of these children are said to have taken this life in order to “return at least a million of the love shown to them by the party” in state institutions. Forced labor is not unknown to the system; Earlier, the BBC wrote that South Korean POWs were also working on skis – for decades.

Forcing children to work is nothing new in North Korea, the current mobilization is likely linked to the new grand march – Books in the news The index indicated that the country’s leader, Kim Jongun, admitted in early April that his country, which has been subject to international sanctions, is on the ground economically again.

The telex he is writingThat in recent weeks there have been several reports that “volunteers”, including students and soldiers, have applied for manual labor and construction countries across the country.

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