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[DLC] Dying Light 2 Stay Human: Bloody Ties

[DLC] Dying Light 2 Stay Human: Bloody Ties

9 months after the sequel to the post-apocalyptic open-world zombie adventure, the Polish guys have kept their promise and released their first DLC, a sidekick enriched with action-packed arena battles, where, among others, Aiden finds himself. Amidst a sad family drama.

Dying Light 2 at the beginning of the year I greeted him with a pleasant taste in my mouthAs a large-scale Zombie Open World RPG, it promises to fill rich gaps in experience and content. But it was not necessarily more serious in some elements, but rather in the general picture and atmosphere. Since then, however, many games … The waters have flowed in the Danube, (in terms of all platforms) there have been a plethora of titles better than the best, so unfortunately today the magic of the February release has worn off a bit. In addition to the relatively huge content, Techland promised to support their game for 5 years. We’ve already seen useful patches and, among other things, graphical upgrades from them. See my blogbut that promising content also means DLCs, first and foremost bloody (paid) links.

There is a saying, “Do you know how to get to Carnegie Hall? With practice. With lots of practice!” Here, we suddenly come to “carnage hall” (carnage = carnage). The most scum and villainous warriors of the Philidor region gather here to face each other in bloody gladiatorial battles, and only one can survive, the new champion.

The fights are made somewhat more interesting by the fact that we are introduced to young Ciro, a greedy petty thief who is also the laurels of a rival, as our companion at the start. And his father (as a former hero) obliges us to take care of the boy, but at the same time we try to destroy the entire organization. This is a rather interesting line, of course, since Aiden isn’t exactly an unknown figure in town by then, so a “merged agent” might not be the most appropriate fit.

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In terms of DLC, it’s worth noting up front that although you can visit the starting location relatively early in the main story (trying to get into some kind of warrior club), you can only complete the main line itself by getting to (full of scratches) Location B, not to mention that in Bloody Ties we will need more advanced combat and parkour skills. On the other hand, if we start the DLC too early, we can only participate in the qualifiers, and before we go to the “Carnage Hall” as a real competitor, the game brings us back again to continue with the main story mode until we pass through the To Central episode.

On the other hand, Bloody Ties is not a story-loving outing. It has a story, but it was intended (could it have been intended?) for those who love the game’s mechanics and want more serious challenges.

Therefore, we do not want to end Bloody Ties prematurely at any cost, it should be an additional challenge, if we thoroughly explore the main story of Dying Light 2 and the most interesting side missions, as well as nurture ourselves well in the advanced jump fighter. Anyway, the story itself has nothing to do with DL2’s main story line. So it doesn’t matter what decisions we made before (i.e. whether we helped bazaars or the PT), but I mentioned this earlier in testing anyway, that these “decisions” have no effect on certain key events anyway, and in This DLC is absolutely none, and Bloody Ties doesn’t affect the main story either, so in short it’s a completely standalone offshoot.

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The DLC itself is action focused. In the playoffs, brutal collegiate wrestling awaits you, first in a crumbling (dried) swimming pool, then at Carnage Hall in a huge decked arena. At the same time, there are some kind of skill courses where you have to jump from checkpoint to checkpoint while jumping between monsters, or there are combined challenges with keys and of course a lot of monsters. Finally, the boss also fights, at the end of the mission pack, of course, with the previous hero, the monstrous Skullface (like Blaster from Mad Max 3).

At the same time, of course, there are also the main characters, such as the unscrupulous announcer Astrid, the brilliant Severus, who has traveled to Vienna in Budapest with Egil Knapp, the anxious father (and former hero) Ogar, and, of course, my new young friend Ciro.

The problem is mostly that Bloody Ties has combined all the elements of Dying Light 2 that can give a mediocre impression of a game, here I mean mainly robotic character dialogues, uninteresting story, and action elements. Of course, many of the acrobatic parkour elements are very cool, and it helps if there are plenty of close combat elements during the main story missions, but building the DLC on these things unfortunately points to shortcomings, with mixed results (such as if they were released early for GTA racing). / shooter DLC).

Of course, the adrenaline-filled Bloody Ties DLC can be fun and not at all easy to complete, but for our money we end up getting not less than 4, but a maximum of 6-7 hours full of arena battles and various side missions, which is recommended Its only for those who want more challenges after playing Dying Light 2. It’s not bad for anyone, but the following DLC ​​could draw more from the atmosphere of the original game and could be more useful.

Platform: PC, Series X (tested), PS5, Series S, PS4, XOne, Switch | Developer: Techland | Publisher: Techland | Release: November 10, 2022.

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