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Disturbing picture: ugly spots cover the body of the TV2 star

Disturbing picture: ugly spots cover the body of the TV2 star

the Dancing with the stars taxi dancer, Stana Alexandra Always smiling and energetic, he loves being on stage, but there are also less pleasant parts to his job. First of all, the intense physical stress and, of course, the risk of injury, which are present in every dancer’s life and, let’s face it, are inevitable.

As a dancer, Alexandra has to deal with minor and major injuries. Photo: Zoltán Knap

In addition to her many TV shows and appearances, Alexandra tries a lot, and during a more daring move or lift, she can also get injuries and bruises that she didn’t even notice at the time. Pain also appears only later.

Alexandra can walk like that now, and while she’s not the complaining type, she has now shown on Instagram what unsightly spots and cuts cover her legs.

It takes a few weeks for the bruises to disappear. Photo: Instagram

The beautiful dancer just commented on the photo “Yes”but from this it could already be concluded that he was definitely in pain.

By the way, Alexandra is on the first season of Dancing with the Stars Daniel Georphy His partner was then the second Barley with Attila He walked all the way to the final. and in the third series of the show, the Paralympic Games Evan Bensett Help him perform as effectively as possible.

As a matter of fact, Alexandra’s personal life has also developed quite interestingly as we have been able to observe events related to her. Nearly two years ago, in November 2021, the professional dancer announced that she was divorcing By György KöcseBut the situation at that time was complicated by the fact that the guy was abroad. The divorce was finally announced last September, and Stana found happiness. It’s been a long time Dear Daoud The sweetheart she used to be Greta Horvat She was his life partner, whom she considers the most beautiful woman in the world even with her blue-green mottled legs.

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