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Disciplinary proceedings were initiated against the judge who convicted the Budaházyes – Szent Korona Rádió

Disciplinary proceedings were initiated against the judge who convicted the Budaházyes - Szent Korona Rádió

The Association of Violators of Rights in the Public Authority initiated disciplinary proceedings against Dr. v. György Ignácz in the President of the Metropolitan Court.

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In its statement, the association representing victims of abuses by the police, the prosecutor and the judiciary between 2002 and 2010 wrote that – on November 25, 2022, Gyorgy Goebel began to initiate disciplinary proceedings in the President of the Metropolitan Court. v. Court Judge György Ignácz, Budaházy György I.r. In the criminal case against the accused and his accomplices at the public hearing held on March 16, 2022 in Budapest, for serious unethical conduct and subsequent violations of the procedural rules by the appointed court judge – reported

The application also covers an investigation into abuse of office. Based on the law of legal status and remuneration of judges “The judge is obligated to act fairly and impartially towards the client during his proceedings.”Straight “Any expression that undermines confidence in the Court’s proceedings or the Court’s authority shall be refrained from.”. Further, the text of the judge’s oath reads: “I undertake that I will judge cases entrusted to me by fair procedures, without partiality and conscience and only in accordance with the law; I will be guided by fairness and equity in the exercise of my profession.”

In accordance with the Code of Ethics for Judges

“In the course of his work, a judge avoids even the appearance that his actions and decisions are based on partiality or partiality.”

and “The judge is patient and polite towards the participants in the proceedings, refraining from unwarranted comments, insulting qualifications and arrogance.” Despite all this, it is worth remembering that Judge Ignac limited the audience, and in the course of justifying his extremely unfair sentence, which sentenced 17 defendants to 117 years in prison and caused widespread social outrage to this day, gave his considerable testimony. prejudice and made many disparaging and insulting comments to the defendants, their defense and even to some of the witnesses…to yourself.

It is very blatant and indicates a serious bias in co-operation with the prosecution that the judge, in the course of the oral justification of the verdict in respect of one of the pieces of evidence, suddenly looked at the prosecutor sitting at his right and said “….there was a great temptation here to tell him, that it would be useful to us, but after That common sense prevailed and I say that it will not be good for us, because … “. In view of the opinion expressed by the audience at the hearing, the Executive Director of the National Legal Protection Service, Dr. He had without merit commenced disciplinary proceedings against Tamas Gaudí-Nagy as a lawyer, which were terminated by the Budapest Bar Association for lack of a disciplinary offence. In addition, the data supports an unjustified delay in processing the defendants’ pardon requests. For all this, the head of the above-mentioned rights defense organization decided to initiate disciplinary action in order to preserve and restore social confidence in the justice system. We trust that the actions unacceptable to a judge will be investigated in a thorough and fair procedure, for even judges cannot be above the law.

(Radio Szent Korona after Magyar Jelen)

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