Disappointment, leaving second place: Albania-Hungary 1-0 (0-0)

Disappointment, leaving second place: Albania-Hungary 1-0 (0-0)

The Hungarian national football team lost 1-0 to Albania in the fifth round of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in the Qatar World Cup.



World Cup Qualifiers, Group A, Round Five:
Albania-Hungary 1-0 (0-0)
Elbasan S: Danny McKelley (Netherlands)
Albania: Etret Berisha – Albi Duka, Ardian Ismagli, Berat Gemsiti, Marash Kumbula – Prince of Abrachi (Indre Chikichi, 68.), Klaus Gassula, Lurnc Trashi (Odiz Roche, a ssonnitbene) – Mirto Uzuni, Bekim Balaj (Armando Bruja, 78.) Nadim Bjarmi (Qassem El-Lassi, 63.)
Hungary: Péter Gulácsi (Dénes Dibusz, during break) – Endre Botka (Roland Varga, 88.), Ádám Lang, Orbán Willi, Attila Szalai, Attila Fiola – Ádám Nagy, László – Kleinheisler, Delázóniel Gazódáni. Szoboszlai, Roland Sallai (János Hahn, 89)
Gulzerzo: Issue (87)
yellow card: Giasola (78), Chiquichi (92), Bruja (92) and Urban (80)

The Albanians started the match better, but in the 18th minute the Hungarian team almost took the lead, but Kleinheisler’s close shot was saved by the goalkeeper.

The hosts played a more dangerous ball in the jump as well, and in the 34th minute a superb opportunity was missed by Kumbula, as the defender could not hit the goal from two meters after a corner kick.

Galaxy was unable to continue the match in the second half after colliding with Balaj in the first half, which hit the Hungarian goalkeeper’s head.

The second half also started with Albany’s position, but Debuche closed the corner well. The goalkeeper Ferencvaros had to interfere in the 72nd minute with another Albanian chance, and in his hair “yellowed” Orban himself from the match against Andorra.

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The Hungarian national team first formed the situation in the 86th minute in the second half, but Chubuszla did not have much opportunity to score from an extended angle.

87th minute: Viola lost the ball in “suspicious circumstances” in the middle of the host stadium, and he hit Bruga, who set up as a substitute, hit the kick, led the ball to Lang, who did not attack, and hit the striker with a header. Great force on the left side of the goal (1-0).

Since then, Albania has not let victory out of its hands.

It was the seventh game of the two teams against each other, in which the Albanians scored a goal for the first time and won for the first time. Marco Rossi hosts Andorra in the World Cup qualifiers on Wednesday.

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