Disappointed after the best result of the year, Russell


Sunday, June 20, 2021, 6:36 pm


The French Grand Prix, which exceeded expectations, brought both positive and negative surprises. The twelfth place for George Russell is among the previous ones, but the British are not at all happy.

The Williams driver said after the race that he was disappointed that his current form was enough at the end. “We beat the Alps and managed to get past Tsunoda on the field as well. It’s very annoying, every time we have a good race, there is never a leak or a collision or anything like that,” said Russell with a bitter taste.

“I think this was the third time we finished 12th with a strong race. Then our time will come. I am happy with that too.” However, he stated that his team’s strategy was positive, which was the key to even steering one of the Ferraris, Charles Leclerc, behind him. “It was very difficult for me not to be too fast, but not too slow, to avoid losing the temperature, so as not to lose the temperature. We did a very good job, I had a great time in the car.”

Although Russell still couldn’t break his streak to close his races without a point (at least at Williams, he succeeded as a Mercedes jumper last year), his team still deserved his place. This brings Williams to ninth in the constructors’ league, ahead of Haas. For this reason alone, the British did not agree with the end result.

“It’s always in my thoughts too. If we don’t get points anymore we should get at least ninth in the league. Sure, we can’t be sure if Haas will get any points at all this year, but we still have to Make sure. Twelfth place in the race, ninth place among the constructors, and that is also important for the team.”

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