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Disagreement between Zuka Fodor and Andras Varkonyi after 50 years: that's why they will never work together again – Najm Hazai

Disagreement between Zuka Fodor and Andras Varkonyi after 50 years: that's why they will never work together again – Najm Hazai

An iconic couple – it is not an exaggeration to say that about Aunt Magdy and Uncle Fili from friends. They have been viewer favorites for years, embodying characters that will forever be a part of Hungarian television history: their creators, Fodor Zsoka And Andras Varkuni But we definitely won't see her in a co-production.

The two actors had a final battle with each other. Their fifty-year friendship was over: personal and professional disappointment led to their downfall.

Zsuka Fodor and Andras Varkonyi

Not only in the RTL series, they have played a couple in quite a few shows. One such play was “Eternal Love” – they toured the country with it for years.

Photo: RTL/…neighbor's cow

the eyelash When asked, Zuka Fodor denied that they had quarreled, but András Varkonyi poured clean water into the cup. He did not deny the conflict, and stated that he was disappointed in his former partner.

– It happened in the fall. Two shows were also booked, which Zsóka refused not only to me, but also to the organizer. He said they did not call him, even though he asked them if these were not the village days, because he did not like them. The organizer said that these are normal theatrical performances. He did not appear in Százhalombatta or Mátészalka either.

Uncle Philly

Photo: RTL/Friends

– I was there, waiting for the start, and the spectators were already sitting inside. Zsuka did not come even though the driver went to see her. He denied it all. He did not send me a single message.

This is not only a human problem, but also a professional problem.

In addition to the inconvenience, all of this entails financial damage, and what happened affected him emotionally as well.

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– Zsóka built her young life according to her own laws. There's nothing wrong with that, but don't hurt me with it. It's sad that you did this to me after all these years… Why me?

He ended the conversation by saying that despite all this, he is not angry with Zuka Fodor, but he is sure that he will never work with him again.

It was Tonya, the teen star of Barátok közt: Did you recognize 36-year-old Mathias Dossa?

Zoltán Szőke and Miklósa Berényi from the series and Mathias Dossa, who played his son Tony in the series, came together for a joint photo.

I will read it

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Cover image: RTL/…The Neighbor's Cow, RTL/Friends

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