Dillard University Alumna Nicole Tinson-Johnson Works To Help Increase The Employment Of HBCU Graduates

Nicole Tinson- Johnson received her undergraduate degree from Dillard University and her graduate degree from Yale University. She is a strategist for Urban Fetes as well as the CO- Founder and President of Jobs R 4 U, a nonprofit organization that was founded in September 2014. The goal of Jobs R 4 U is to ” to ensure economic equity and empowerment for all, especially women, youth, and people of color” and with their new initiative HBCU 20X20 they are doing just that.

HBCU 20×20 just recently came to fruition on September 4, 2017, and with this initiative Nicole and her team her planning to “to directly place 20,000 students and graduates from Historically Black Colleges and Universities [in] job and internship opportunities by the year 2020.”

Through much research Nicole found that “According to the Millennials Job Report, “Millennials are the largest and most educated generation in the U.S., [but] are faced with crushing levels of student debt” she also found that the African American millennials unemployment which is 15.8% rate is almost 4 times that of the national unemployment rate which is 4.3%.  When trying to find answers for these rates Nicole became irritated with the fact that the blame was being placed on the Millennials themselves ” instead of assessing the labor force’s practices and processes behind hiring.”

Being the determined activist that she is, As a result of her research, she birthed the HBCU 20×20 initiative as I have already mentioned before. This is a service which offers free membership granting you with access to online jobs, participation in webinars and online web sessions, as well as access to “employers committed to hiring students and graduates from HBCUs.” She will use this platform to move out of the “click and hope” phase, take back the control of job placement and employment from applicant tracking systems, and make diversity and inclusion more than just fine print on applications, but a true reality.

Make sure to stay connected with Jobs R 4 u by following them on on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn and also visit their website to meet the rest of the staff and stay up to date on all of their programs at jobsr4u.org

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