Did you leave Diablo II that year?  No problem, your backups will work!

Did you leave Diablo II that year? No problem, your backups will work!


In the recently announced Diablo II Resurrected movie, we can continue our adventures from where we left off twenty years ago.

Mar 5, 2021 18:42 | Jerig | Category: Game

a Blizzard A few days ago they announced a renewed release of one of their most popular games, Resurrected Diablo II. The publisher is developing a new version of Mutual visions It was entrusted to his team, who, if not intentionally, incorporated a very important feature

No one was surprised to announce that the visual world was completely shaken in the pants (but of course the possibility of classic graphics still exists) as well as remixing of sounds. Fortunately, according to the news, they don’t dwell on the gameplay, characteristics and balance of NPCs and characters. Now, however, it turns out that veteran players will have a special reason to rejoice.

This is because Diablo II Resurrected will be able to handle the original Diablo II backups twenty years ago. That is, if you stopped the adventure after that, you can now resume it in a rejuvenated robe where you left it exactly that year. The blues of fate that this was not originally part of the developers’ plans “turns out to be a” coincidence “that the game adapts to old backups as well. Provided, of course, that someone has been keeping the files for twenty years.

Since, of course, Diablo II anno was only released for PC, this feature will also work in the PC version only. On the other hand, Diablo II Resurrected will also be available for PS4, PS5, X1, XSX and Switch. ■

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Resurrected Diablo II

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