Reader Barbara approached us with the following suggestion:

“Dear driver! Please also write an article about the fact that the speed limit is not raised with the start / end sign of leveling, it should be, unfortunately people do not know about it, although it is very important!”

The question wasn’t entirely clear, but Barbara was probably thinking about what happens when there’s a speed limit sign inside a residential area, which is certainly not removed by a sign that indicates the end of the settlement.

According to KRESZ, “speed limit” The sign indicates that it is prohibited to drive on the road at a speed greater than the speed indicated on the sign. Of course, this is clear to everyone. The signal validity begins at the signal and continues until the start of the next intersection, unless the additional mark placed below the signal mark indicates a shorter distance or a clearing mark is set. this is:

Did you know that if you leave the leveling board, you can't always rush to 90?  1

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Therefore, if the “Speed ​​Limit” sign allows a speed of less than 50 km / h in an urban area, then cars, motorcycles and vehicles with a maximum permissible gross weight of 3500 kg may only travel at the speed indicated in the indication. Even if we have already passed the sign that indicates the end of the settlement. In such a situation, we cannot speed up to 90 km/h until we get the release signal or until we reach an intersection.