Did the French pilot take him, did his fate change?

Did the French pilot take him, did his fate change?

They recorded Pierre Gasly’s conversation with Charles Leclerc and George Russell, in which he mentioned the details of a particular contract. The French rider has been in conflict with the Alps in the past few weeks, according to many, this was hinted at through his statement – but Gasly denies that was what he meant.

Pierre Gasly has already secured a contract with AlphaTauri for 2023, but his future has been in question for the past period: due to the introduction of Fernando Alonso, a place has become available in Alpine, where Gasly’s name is also mentioned among others. Helmut Marko, who works as a consultant for Red Bull, admitted this If the French team finds another team, they will not be placed next to the draw.Gasly, who is notorious for his bad relationship with Esteban Ocon, made a statement before the Belga Nedje hearing, in which one can doubt that he will sign a contract next year with his compatriot. He was caught talking with Charles Leclerc and George Russell and mentioning the details of a particular contract. I am still working on the final details of the contract.” – You can hear the words of the French pilot.

Based on the note, it can be assumed that Alpine will indeed have two domestic races for the 2023 season, but Gasly denied in the press conference before the Dutch Grand Prix that this was the topic of conversation. He said that Russell was only talking about something to do with an oath, to which he responded with these inexplicable words.

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“If we knew what we were talking about,” says the French, “they’ll really laugh.” motorsports. “I can assure you it has nothing to do with the competition.”

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