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Diablo IV is getting at least two major expansions

Diablo IV is getting at least two major expansions

Rod Ferguson, the mastermind of Diablo IV, dropped corn from his wrist. The franchise director revealed that in addition to the seasonal updates, not one, but two major expansions are already in the works.

The big boss of the Diablo series, Rod Ferguson A On the Kinda Funny Games podcast He guest starred and, when he was wrong, decided to take down a bigger nuke than Cillian Murphy in Christopher Nolan’s new movie. So far, we’ve learned that Blizzard was planning on the long haul with Diablo IV. The ARPG, which officially arrives tomorrow, will receive much more live service support than 11-year-old Diablo III, starting with seasonal novelties and the accompanying battle pass system. Oh, and there will be a great expansion, too. At least two.

“The development team and development structure must be built in such a way that it is sustainable in the long term, since, in a sense, we are always preparing for a new release. And in practice, that is the case, we are always developing things in parallel. As I sit here, at this moment we are preparing for the release of the game, We’re finalizing Season 1, we’re working on Season 2, we’re working on the first expansion, and we’re really preparing for the second expansion. It’s all happening right now, even though the game hasn’t even started yet.” Rod Ferguson revealed.

In practice, it’s no secret that Blizzard also planned two large expansion packs for Diablo III, but in the end only the Reaper of Souls was completed – after that the team moved on to the development of Diablo IV. Ferguson clearly does not want to play this again. While we already knew that a robust live service would give Diablo IV a long life, it’s certainly a great sign that Team Irvine is already planning these many steps in advance.

Diablo IV is coming to PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 tomorrow.

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