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Diablo IV – From enemy camps to the new class

Diablo IV - From enemy camps to the new class


But their appearances, open world, and PvP have been mentioned as well.

2/21/2021 20:25 | Jerig | Category: Game

distance Blizzard In November 2019, after many years of waiting, it was finally announced Diablo IVFans react with a little vague emotion. Although we did get a relaxing preview (which of course didn’t show gameplay at the time), we somehow missed the sheer euphoria that a fan might once want to feel about a project of this level.

Not much improved that 2020 was basically silent throughout the studio, and there wasn’t much talk about the game being made. And recently, you could have heard that the game is not guaranteed to appear this year. With that being said, let’s say nobody was really surprised.

During BlizzConline, which happened the other day, in a nearly half-hour video, the creators were already working on the game in a little more depth, so we also got some new information about it. A new character category, the open world and its curiosity, and a planned PvP segment were also discussed.

The new character class is Rogue, which is the fourth class after Barbarian, Druid and Sorceress. It also means that there is only one category left that has not been revealed by the creators. The developers promise that Rogue will probably be the most fluid character in the game, as you will not only be able to completely redesign it, but also its fighting style and other features and characteristics. Moreover, we will be able to rewrite the background history.

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Of course, the game will wait for brave adventurers with a huge open world, but now we can cover their backs for long distances. Among their new appearances will be different breeds of horses and other creatures of course. Most of the time it can be obtained by solving puzzles, exploring secret locations, or slaughtering some monsters. We can then embellish our loyal animal with all kinds of shields and other cosmetic items. They promise that it will be easy to love them and we will see them not only as farm animals but as true companions. The developers also note that their backs will not be injured, but we will be able to get us out of the saddle.

The vast open world will be full of enemy camps and forts just waiting for us to run and loot. It is inhabited by all manner of bandits and monsters who keep the area in awe. As we discover more and more of the world little by little, we can also liberate these occupied lands. Each castle will have its own story and with editing it will affect the world differently. It is also important that although the missions can be completed randomly, the dungeon will be fixed. With its launch, new fast travel points will open, new dealers will wait for the player and of course, new main and side missions will be available.

There will also be a PvP zone in the game called Hate Fields. Of course it will not be mandatory to visit here, whoever is visiting, you will not necessarily have to break the lives of other players. Slaying monsters here can also be used, as well as certain interactions with the environment, to access the effects of the Hate Race that remain in sleep. Then they need to be taken to a cleansing party where we can basically turn them into a method of payment. From merchants in Hate Fields, you can buy weapons, armor, trophies, and all kinds of other useful things from them. Yes, but this purge party will attract other players to the area, who can then slaughter the player in hopes of getting quick loot. And of course the opposite.

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Last but not least, players who randomly kill others are assigned a hate ship icon to the game and mark everyone on the map as a danger. If you end up with such a player, then the bonus will be given. On the other hand, if the player manages to survive in this period (or ends up with those who attack with bounty spirit), then he will get bigger rewards. ■

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