Diablo IV: Could there be more character classes? It is revealed what lies ahead at the end of the game

In an interview, Diablo IV lead designer Adam Jackson explained how the game’s class design leaves room for future additions. Lead developer Joe Piepiora recently talked about the final game.

To date, the Diablo series has featured more than a dozen different character classes. Some of them date back to Diablo IV. Meanwhile, there are some character classes from the series that haven’t reappeared since Diablo II, such as the spear Amazon. Longtime fans of the series may have a particular class or style of play that they really like. It can be frustrating to find that your favorite chapter is not in the latest version.

Because Diablo IV’s design customization is more detailed and open to experimentation than in previous games, Adam Jackson, the game’s lead class designer, was asked in a panel interview if players would be able to create designs similar to what is “missing” from the menu with the gameplay of the classes.

Jackson said players might find some way around it. However, it is important that there is room in the game to add new classes in the future.

To date, every major Diablo game has introduced at least one new class post-release. Future updates to Diablo Immortal also plan to introduce new chapters. The fourth part is also expected to bring some new classes later on. According to Jackson, that’s why it was important that the game’s existing player base not interfere too much with these potential additions.

The barbarian Diablo IV might well fit the “heavy warrior” archetype. But it is distinctly different from Paladin, Crusader, Diablo II, and Diablo III. Adding one of these classes will complete the list without interfering with the barbarian. Same goes for previous chapters like Witch Doctor, Demon Hunter, and Monk. While it’s hard to imagine Blizzard reintroducing every class from the past, fans can hold on, hoping they can finally mow down Lilith’s demonic hordes with their favorite combo.

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Is Diablo IV coming to an end?

Blizzard has now revealed that its upcoming action RPG title, Diablo IV, will not be playable forever. Furthermore, there will be a “Higher Boss”, a final boss.

In a recent interview, Associate Game Director Joe Pepora shared some details about Diablo IV’s nightmare dungeons. Especially in terms of what happens after a player character reaches level 100. According to Piepiora, the game won’t last forever. Unlike the endless Paragon levels in Diablo III. He shares that once players reach level 100, there will be a “peak boss” showdown in the Nightmare dungeons. Players will find this very difficult. At this point, fans are expected to gather their most powerful gear and really master their character build to have a chance at defeating this boss.

According to Piepiora, the idea behind the featured boss is to give players a particularly challenging goal to work towards after reaching level 100 in Diablo IV.

The boss is not designed to drop heavy gear. Instead, the main goal is for players to gain a sense of accomplishment about what their character has accomplished in the game. In addition to creating and perfecting a strong build, players must also be familiar with the mechanics of fighting bosses to have a better chance of surviving a battle.

For hardcore Diablo IV players, this “ultimate boss” has the potential to be a very interesting addition to the title’s endgame. Of course, in addition to post-release DLCs, aesthetic bonuses and battle passes. Blizzard is expected to provide a lot of content for the title. But adding such a strong challenge is sure to get fans excited.

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