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Diablo IV: Beta pre-order has ended; Players found bugs with hotties!

Diablo IV: Beta pre-order has ended;  Players found bugs with hotties!

Among other things, players of the Diablo IV beta are asking Blizzard to improve randomization in dungeons.

Over the weekend, players in the Diablo IV pre-order beta test seriously criticized the game’s dungeons. Many people ask Blizzard to improve pre-release randomization. The dungeon crawl is at the heart of the Diablo franchise. Part four is no different. Blizzard previously confirmed that the new game will feature over 150 “hand-crafted but procedurally generated” dungeons. Some players worry that Blizzard’s dungeon design is too simplistic and can make repetitive playthroughs tedious.

Procedurally generated dungeons have been at the heart of the Diablo series, dating back to the original game.

Although Diablo contained only one dungeon, as players progressed deeper and deeper, the design of each level was unique from the previous one. However, Diablo III received heavy criticism for its dungeon layout. Players felt that they were too simple, and lacked the complexity of Diablo and Diablo II. It’s been streamlined for faster completion and loot.

Now, it appears that Diablo IV is being criticized for the same reason as Diablo III. The current top posts in both the Diablo and Episode 4 subreddits say that the dungeons in the new beta are too simple and don’t have enough randomization. According to one publication, the dungeons are “brutally repetitive” and the player gets bored quickly. Another post claimed that a third of the dungeons they played had “exactly the same layout” and that, like Diablo III, there was “no room to explore”. For example, they referred to the great dungeon labyrinths of Diablo II.

It wasn’t just the layout of the dungeons that irked testers: Diablo IV beta players also criticized the repetitive puzzle elements found in the dungeons.

Players are tasked with finding a key or crystal, and collecting anima or other items. You might fight some sub-bosses to advance. While these mechanics changed the pace of the dungeons, players argued there wasn’t enough puzzle variety. So dungeons felt more repetitive because of that.

However, it’s worth asking if beta players are overdoing it. The current Diablo IV beta offers a very limited portion of the full game content. Only the first of the game’s three acts, the first explorable area of ​​five, and only twenty-three dungeons out of over 150 dungeons. There will inevitably be more enemies, bosses, puzzles, tile sets, and more to discover. However, this does not necessarily mean that the dungeons will be more complex. We hope Blizzard will take players’ opinions into consideration.

source: reddit

Experimental comments: The design of the dungeon needs to be revised so it doesn’t get boring from Diablo

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