Diablo: Immortal - Earned $24M in the first 2 weeks

Diablo: Immortal – Earned $24M in the first 2 weeks

Blizzard didn’t put a bad horse on Diablo: Immortal, at least in terms of revenue. The free-to-play title is mainly available for two weeks, but players are happy to spend it on the play store.

Four years after the first announcement, Diablo: Immortal launches this month. Although Diablo-spinoff complements the original plans, it has appeared not only on mobile phones but also on computers, PocketGamer.biz Mobile conditions were evaluated by Appmagic Help: Since its launch on June 2, for example, 8 million players have started the free-to-play game on both Android and iOS devices.

Since we’re talking about a free game, we can naturally spend money on it in other ways – even in cases where, for example, Diablo: Immortal wasn’t allowed into Belgium and the Netherlands due to local laws against loot boxes. However, the rest of the world did not skimp on opening their wallets: gamers spent a total of $24 million on the game in two weeks.

Mobile Diablo has proven to be the most popular in America, accounting for 43 percent of the revenue, while South Korea accounted for 23 percent of the amount. Japan ranked eighth, Germany 6, and Canada 3 percent per capita. In terms of platforms, the situation is quite balanced: androids are responsible for $ 11 million, while iPhones are responsible for $ 13 million.

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