Diablo II would have popped up with MMO elements in Newsblock's untouched expansion

Diablo II would have popped up with MMO elements in Newsblock’s untouched expansion

Unfortunately, only an official expansion has been revealed around Diablo II, The Lords of Destruction, while David Brevik, a former Blizzard North man, has given him insight into the add-ons still being planned.

According to Breivik, he had a multi-page document on the mechanics of the game, sects, and new territories that would have been included in the program, and in the same document the concepts of the new story were also included. According to him The expansion that was not released was similar to Marvel Heroes.

It would have been a kind of ARPG + MMO combination, but the MMO aspect should not be understood as being, say, Wow, it’s just the possibility of playing multiple people at once. Ultimately, the idea was snapped up after throwing the majority of Blizzard North’s team.

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