Developers Supermassive Games, Even Dawn and The Dark Pictures are working on a new, unannounced multiplayer game

Supermassive is looking for employees for a new project not yet described.

When it comes to Supermassive games, it’s up to the makers of Until Dawn. The game, if we recall, was a huge hit with its 2015 PS4 release, prompting the studio to take a similar path with its latest creation, The Dark Pictures Anthology. However, that doesn’t seem to be the only thing being made in their charming kitchen.

As we learned from their website, Supermassive is recruiting people for an unannounced multiplayer project. Specifically, they are looking for developers who have experience with multiplayer rules, combat systems, development, and tutorial development.

From all this we can deduce a new game about which no information has yet been shared; And a slightly different approach from the team that has worked to develop other types of games in the past, although online elements are combined in different ways.

“This pose requires a man who loves to get his hands dirty with the engine and tools,” the show says.

In the absence of more details, such as whether they are still committed to the genre, we can just start from The Dark Pictures, the final part of the anthology, Satan is in His trailer arrived in October and was very comfortable. So we remain optimistic about their new projects…

source: Super Huge Games

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