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Dessert connoisseur: Claudia Liptay’s spicy note on a cake

The Mr. Halawani 2. season In its second broadcast, 8 other contestants were introduced, including Isti, who works as a waiter and presented a wonderful cake to the jury. There is also a mysterious ingredient in the candy, Lipta Claudia to greater joy.

Sausages made from sausages, especially fondant, were drawn to Claudia Liptai’s attention. Photo: Press Club

The presenter immediately flew to the dessert disguised as a sausage and made a slippery statement: “I know you shouldn’t grab another sausage…”.

If allowed, it can beAdded jury member, Balázs Enzsöl. Otherwise, the pastry chef considered the contestant cake to be invaluable. “I can appreciate one thing: the fact that you worked with dedication you never gave up. However, what you mentioned here is invaluableIstinye said.

Isti had a problem while baking anyway because the green pistachio sponge cake was slightly burnt. Given that he wouldn’t have time to start over, he eventually built his own designer hot dog despite the chefs’ warnings. He slipped a lot in the business, so he didn’t even return the sauces he ordered.

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