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Despite the wildfires, the Canadian Grand Prix is ​​not in danger

Despite the wildfires, the Canadian Grand Prix is ​​not in danger

After it emerged in the press that Canadian bushfires could jeopardize the Canadian Grand Prix scheduled for next weekend, a Formula 1 spokesperson has indicated that the event is not threatened by a natural disaster.

Several gates suggested Thursday that the Canadian Grand Prix may be canceled due to wildfires raging in Quebec, which are affecting air quality and traffic. This week, the smoke has already spread to New York, across the border, as local authorities have encouraged residents to wear masks because of the foul air.

Many events had to be postponed due to the disaster and its aftermath, so it is not surprising that the Canadian Grand Prix was also in jeopardy. This was initially “denied” by Sky Sports correspondent Craig Slater in a short report.

The regular TV host talked about the fact that although wildfires are a serious problem in certain areas of North America, Montreal does not belong in the affected areas at the moment. Later, an F1 spokesperson gave a short report on the situation, after the sport’s officials consulted with race organizers and Montreal authorities.

Smoke from the Canadian wildfires in New York (EPA/JUSTIN LANE)

They reassured the sport’s representatives when they indicated that air quality in the Montreal area was currently sufficient and the race could be conducted as planned. “The event is not in danger, we have received relevant information that the situation in Montreal is different from the northern part of the United States and other regions of Canada” – said the F1 spokesperson.

“The risk remains low and the air quality is good in Montreal.” He added, emphasizing that there are currently no plans to postpone the competition (or, based on similar issues, possibly cancel it).

F1 must decide the fate of the weekend for the third time in short order in relation to the Canadian weekend. Prior to the season, the Chinese Grand Prix was canceled due to the strict COVID regulations still in force in the country at the time. Recently, the Imola race was canceled due to storms and floods that hit the area and their effects.

Photo: XPB

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