Despite the appeal, Vettel lost second place in the Hungarian Grand Prix

Despite the appeal, Vettel lost second place in the Hungarian Grand Prix

The FIA ​​has rejected an appeal lodged by Aston Martin after the Hungarian Formula 1 Grand Prix.

The British team strengthened and took second place Sebastian Vettelt Because it was later disqualified because there is less than one liter of fuel in your car.

Aston Martin said the amount measured by the inspectors was incorrect as there were still 1.74 liters in the tank according to its own data. Later, the hangar announced that its engineers had found a malfunction in the car’s fuel supply, so it could be less than one liter left after it was dropped.

FIA officials said on Monday that because Aston Martin could not provide convincing evidence, they would not order another investigation.

Due to the disqualification of four-time world champion Vettel, his eight days in Mogyorod were originally British third Lewis Hamilton He became the second place winner for the French Esteban Ocon Behind. Seven-times World Cup leader Hamilton jumped to the top of the points race, but the Dutch leader is eight points ahead instead of six. Max Verstappen Before.

The F1 season continues into the last weekend of August with the Belgian Grand Prix.

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