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Despite China’s threats, the Taiwanese president and the US president met

Despite China’s threats, the Taiwanese president and the US president met

The Chinese Navy has sent ships near Taiwan.

The Taiwanese president met with the speaker of the US House of Representatives in California on Wednesday, MTI reports. the Kevin McCarthy A bipartisan US legislative delegation led by Republican President W Kai Jingwen The Taiwanese leader discussed bilateral relations at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library building in California. Before the trial, the President of Taiwan thanked the United States for its friendship.

The Speaker of the US House of Representatives and the President of Taiwan met for the first time on US soil, as well as for the first time that such a high-level meeting has been held twice within a year.

last August Nancy PelosiThe then Democratic Speaker of the House, visited Taiwan, in response to which China conducted large-scale military exercises near the island.

China issued a stark warning ahead of the meeting between Kevin McCarthy and Cai Jingfen.

In a statement issued Wednesday, the Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in Los Angeles condemned the planned meeting as an event that does not serve peace, stability and security in the region, and warned that the political meeting may undermine the political foundation. Sino-American relations. Early Wednesday, the Chinese navy sent ships near Taiwan for what Beijing described as a “joint patrol and inspection”.

Last week, nine Chinese warplanes crossed the central line of the Taiwan Strait that separates China and Taiwan, following the news of the Taiwanese president’s visit to the United States.

Just before the meeting, a White House National Security Council spokesperson said China had conveyed its concerns to the United States through diplomatic channels. John Kirby At a press conference, he reiterated that according to the United States, Beijing has no reason to overreact to the meeting and the Taiwanese president’s visit to the United States, which has happened several times in the past.

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During his multi-stop American trip, Cai Jingwen met three senators of Congress, the Senate, two Republicans and one Democrat, as well as the leader of the House Democrats, in New York last. week.

China has always considered Taiwan its territory, despite the fact that the island has long been autonomous. We discuss the historical, geopolitical, and cultural roots of the conflict in more detail below:

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