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Despite all the difficulties, the government’s commitment to inflation is realistic

Despite all the difficulties, the government’s commitment to inflation is realistic

Regarding the negotiations regarding Budapest Airport, he said: They are going well, but until an agreement is reached, they do not want to announce the details. When this happens, the good news will be published in full detail.

“They are about to spread such good news,” he said.

It is unreasonable to compare the amount to be spent on purchasing the airport with teachers’ salaries. He responded to another proposal, stressing that the increase in teachers’ salaries is not paid by the government but by leftists. Actors who are lobbying in Brussels for a salary of 6 million HUF so that teachers do not receive a salary of 800 thousand HUF.

The minister stated: Purchasing the airport may increase the national debt, but not the budget deficit.

In response to another question, the Prime Minister said that it is in Europe’s interest to maintain economic relations with all major economic powers, and accordingly, the country also wishes to maintain cooperation with China, adding that the Prime Minister is expected to visit China. in October.

Regarding Hungary’s failure to extradite Ukrainian refugees conscripted in Ukraine, he said: No Ukrainian request to extradite anyone has been received. Refugees cannot be extradited based on the Geneva Convention – stated Gergely Gulyas.

Responding to the suggestion that more and more refugees were crossing the border into Slovakia illegally, he said: Hungary can only do so much to protect the southern border. He noted that by doing so, Slovakia would also be saved from tens and hundreds of thousands of migrants.

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Gergely Gulyas expects from the Slovak elections that the Highland Alliance Party will be able to enter the Slovak Parliament.

He said about the Fidesz faction meeting in Esztergom that they will prepare for the autumn session of the September 20-21 meeting and, as is usual at this time, all current issues will be on the agenda.

Regarding the financial difficulties faced by the Church of Gabor Ivanyi and whether it is inappropriate to help them in their work after performing state duties, he said: Nearly 25 billion Hungarian forints have been paid to the Hungarian Evangelical Brotherhood since 2010. He explained that 963 million forints have been allocated This year to the social sector, 1.8 billion forints were given to support public education and vocational training, while individuals provided 820 million forints of 1 percent personal income tax.

In response to another question, the minister called it unprecedentedly irresponsible for leaders of Sorokasar’s Qualitas High School to start the school year in a building that had already been legally auctioned due to their company’s debts. He explained that if necessary, the state would provide the possibility of enrolling students in private schools.

Gergely Gulyas admits that members of the National Judicial Council (OBT) will not run for re-election. He added that it was also possible that OBT members had judged, or received comments from judges, that there were many complaints from their country in Brussels, and if they started, they would not be elected.

In response to another question, he also said: There is no risk of corruption if the Prime Minister accepts the invitation of someone with whom he has had a good friendship for 30 years, regardless of the company owned by the host’s daughter. In this case, it does not even arise that he would have received it as a gift from his representatives, as he considers the suggestion of this to be trivial, unfounded and coming from nothing.

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When asked, he stated that Viktor Orbán was on vacation after August 26. Before that, hardly a day had passed without Gergely Guliás meeting him. He added that it was not his place to report whether the Prime Minister had accepted a friendly invitation at the weekend and whether he had traveled 300 kilometers from the Hungarian border or not.

Regarding the Lőrinc Mészáros property in Tihany, classified as a meadow and farm building, the Minister said that whether someone has built legally is an official matter, so the matter should be clarified there.

When asked, he considered it an unfriendly gesture that the editor-in-chief of National Sport, who was to participate in the United States on an official trip as an ambassador-at-large, had not been granted an entry visa. He added that the American side did not officially announce this step.

Regarding the proposal regarding external campaign financing and the role of the group bearing the name David Kourani, he said: “It is clear that they paid for the opposition’s campaign activities, including even a meal for the prime ministerial candidate.” It is unacceptable for anyone to want to obtain money from abroad to use it to overthrow his country’s government. He stressed that this is not a reason to disagree with the activities of the Council of Ministers.

Regarding the fact that the Open Society Foundation will remain only in Eastern Europe, he believes that the Soros family clearly sees that the European Commission’s support for civilians is now such a competition for them that their activities here are almost unnecessary.

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Speaking about Miklós Horthy’s assessment, he said he completely agreed with János Lazar that “Miklós Horthy had the advantage that this country survived, consolidated and stabilized after Trianon.” Meanwhile, what Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in 2017 that “the government of Hungary committed a mistake, even a crime, in an earlier period, when it did not provide protection to Hungarian citizens of Jewish origin…”, he added, is also not in dispute.

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