Derecske football is undergoing a big change in winter

Derecske football is undergoing a big change in winter

Derecske LSE coach Sándor Szép expressed his hopes, expectations, joys and sorrows.

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The county’s top tier is still in winter break, however, autumn assessment and spring season preparations are already in full swing. Dereksc is currently ranked fifth. In the fall, they scored 28 points, won 9 of 15 games, played a tie once and lost 5 times.

Our goal, if you look at it realistically, is 4-6. It could be a place, though if all goes well we could finish in third – Sándor Szép, Derecske LSE’s coach for Hajd-Bihar’s diary, started his logic. The coach also spoke of his happiness at the fall, recalling the defeats against DASE and BUSE with a sore heart. – My best memories of autumn are the successes against Szoboszló. In the league, we played a 3-3 draw with the opponent leading two more in the 93rd minute. We dropped them from the Hungarian Cup, as Sandor Sepp warmly thought, who vowed to exclude them from the cup due to logistical costs. The coach explained that there had been a major change around the team home.

“When I think about winter the first thing that comes to mind is that we have big discounts. The best first-class goalkeeper, Jerjo Fulop, has been certified by Tiszafüred. As a youngster, there was no doubt that he was allowed to play football in a class Top Fortunately, we have managed to take care of his replacement soon, László Barna will be back in our squad, which is a joy in my heart, he said.

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The manager has also talked about the fact that the training has already started a good week and is even playing weekly pre-games. He is especially happy that they were able to play all of their matches during the fall season, so on February 20, Dereksky just had to enter the field.


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