DER SPIEGEL: Top German politicians are already preparing for Trump’s comeback

According to the newspaper, the Germans and Brussels are actively building their relations with Trump, while the return of the former president is described as a “horror scenario.”

Der Spiegel writes how German politics is preparing for a Trump comeback. According to the German newspaper, it is likely that the next US president will be Donald Trump again, who is already actively building relations with Berlin and Brussels towards Trump regarding his return.

back “horror text” It was called because, according to the newspaper, NATO and Ukraine, in addition to climate protection, would be at risk with Trump.

The newspaper began with the extent of Trump’s hostility towards the Germans: they explained that the former president seemed to consider the Germans his number one enemy, and even dealt with Kim Jong-un better than Angela Merkel. “The Germans are bad, very bad.” – Remember Trump’s statements of 2017, which he made after a meeting in Brussels, where the topic was Germany’s trade surplus. “Look at the millions of cars sold in the US. Horrible. We’re going to stop this.”.

According to the analysis, Trump’s victory in the presidential race is the most realistic possibility. Michael Link, the German government’s coordinator for transatlantic cooperation, believes that Trump’s second term in office will be more difficult for Germany than the first.

At the same time, Link assured everyone that he wanted to intensify relations with the Americans, because only “Direct contact with the executive and legislative apparatus of the government camp” Likewise, German politicians should make it a priority to renew relations with the Republicans. The German ambassador to Washington, Andreas Michaelis, will be the person on whom this task will largely fall. So politicians in Berlin are looking for common themes with Trump’s entourage. The weekly writes about two topics here – e-cars and policy toward China. It is said that it is important for Germany to prove that it is a loyal partner to Washington.

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Editorial photo: Joseph Prezioso/AFP

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