Deposits and tampons will be free in California schools

The tax on menstrual products was previously abolished in the United States, which could have saved women a significant amount of money.

a Gavin Newsom California public schools and colleges are required to outfit their laundries with free period products under a bill signed by the Governor – She said NBC News. The decision was taken in parallel with women’s rights advocates starting to push for affordable access to deposits and tampons at the national level.

California’s latest effort is based on a 2017 law requiring low-income schools in disadvantaged areas to provide free menstrual products to students. The measure, which Newsom signed Friday, will extend the law from sixth to twelfth grade, community colleges, the California State University system and the University of California from the 2022-23 academic year, and will encourage private schools and colleges to: They should follow suit.

“Our biology doesn’t always send a warning when we’re going to menstruate, which often means we have to stop what we’re doing and deal with our period,” he said. Cristina Garcia’s photo Democratic MEP for its legislation, then completed:

Just as toilet paper and paper towels are provided in nearly every public restroom, so should menstrual products.

An advocacy group called Women’s Voices for Earth said several other states are considering the matter, and there are already states that have asked their schools to provide free menstrual products.

“California joins a growing number of states taking the lead in establishing that menstrual equality is a human rights issue,” the advocacy group PERIOD said in a statement. “No female student can waste learning time because of her period, right.”

California previously eliminated the tax on menstrual products, which it estimates cost women a total of $20 million a year, or more than $6.2 billion.

According to Women’s Voices for the Earth, more than half of states still tax period products as a “luxury good.” However, there are a number of countries around the world that have eliminated such taxes, including Britain, Australia, Canada and India.

Moreover, the same was introduced in Britain years ago.

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