Denmark will also join the diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympics

On Friday, Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod said that Denmark will not send an official diplomatic delegation to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics due to human rights problems in the host country.

“It is no secret that in Denmark we are deeply concerned about the human rights situation in China. The government has decided not to participate in the Chinese Winter Olympics.” said the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The decision was made after European Union countries failed to find a common denominator and a unified position at this week’s meeting in Brest for this year’s Beijing Winter Olympics. Reuters.

The United States was the first to announce a boycott of China’s human rights violations, especially towards minorities, and was soon joined by Australia, Britain, Canada and Japan.

A Dutch Foreign Ministry spokesperson said earlier that the Netherlands would also not send an official diplomatic mission to the Olympics, due to the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic.

Incidentally, Beijing has denied the violations and denounced the boycott because it said the protest went against the spirit of the Olympics and the principles of the five-a-side games.

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