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Dénes Gere has been involved in the Netflix super production

Dénes Gere has been involved in the Netflix super production

Gere Dénes ÁkosMostly t a Dear heirs Known as Milan, he was Bogdan’s partner in the series. However, the actor not only plays in Hungarian productions, he pursues an international career and can really count on huge successes. The In the latest and long-awaited Netflix series He also got a role, A. Shadow and BonesWe can see, moreover, not only as a statistician, as he has been given a script role.

We were curious to be able to get around such a super production “Casting is like any choice. Creators have an idea of ​​the form, and if a person is a fit as well as in formation, they will get the role. The script is clearly not enough, there are situational games, improvisations, and then two exercises, and most importantly, there is harmony between the actors.” In every scene. “ Géné Dénes started at nlc and is very proud of the transformation, but says she always feels the current project is the closest to her.

“This particular project is always my favorite. I love my work, I try to get the most out of it, of course it is necessary to be in harmony with the director and the staff. I love a lot of my work, everyone is close to me because of the others. Lots of memories, laughter and a lot of tears and sweat. The first piece I will be proud of is directed by Istvan Bojtur It flies to the cuckoo’s nest Theatrical performance. It will be forever memorable, but of course I love the other roles too. “ The actor remembers.

Gere Dénes Ákos a
between friendsBin (Image: RTL)

Ákos Gere Dénes loves series and movies the same way, and he can’t choose between the two. “Filming would be a little more refined work, and it would require more attention from everyone. The challenge is always the same, the role has to be played either way as best I can. It makes no difference whether I play in a movie or a series. Probably the mass production is more popular of these. Days, in addition to that creative freedom is huge, and it can be adapted at any time, at least for me this is my experience. “ – Says Dear heirsChrist who has already played with many big names.

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I worked with Simon Page, Margot Robbie, Tom Weston Jones. I learned some practices from everyone, and I learned a lot from them working together. Working with Rowan Atkinson has been one of the best experiences. He is a very delicate man, all his moves are well thought out, he’s very smart And he learns terribly fast. He has a very direct and charming personality in locker cars, he jokes a lot and has a real curiosity about everyone. On the other hand, if there is work and you have to go, he is totally sublime and you can’t comment. “ – details of Dénes, who dreams of being the protagonist of a similar major production someday and thus does a lot. He adds that he’s not pushing Hungarian production into the background either, if he gets called in and has the time, he’d be happy to take on any role.

gere dénes the last kingdom

Gere Dénes Ákos a
The last kingdom (Image: Gere Dennis)

“Until now, the experience of working with all the Hungarian productions has been. In the background, this technology has evolved a lot in the last ten to fifteen years, noting that everyone is a professional abroad. I would love to work in any series or movie, if you call me.”

Dénes explained, which is Netflix Shadow and Bones He made his debut with a script role in his series, which is huge. “My role is to play a lieutenant under a general. The photography was so cool, I met a lot of people. Hundreds of statisticians, huge landscapes, like I’ve never seen before. Everyone was very professional, even though it was very cold. But this is What heats up from the inside with something inexplicable you can create. 200 people watched every breath of ours and everyone pressed that if they said “did,” everything would be fine. “ The actor called up filming.

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