Democrats Continue Gun Control Sit-In After House Adjourns

The Democratic lawmakers held a sit-in Wednesday  to call for action regarding gun control. Democratic lawmakers decided to take a dramatic stand over the refusal of House Republicans to put a gun control measure to a vote following the mass murder of 49 people in Orlando.

John Lewis (D-Ga.), led the sit-in. He is a 30-year House veteran whose blood was spilled during civil rights marches of the 1960’s.

Hillary Clinton and President Obama chimed in on twitter

Shortly before lunchtime Wednesday, Lewis and a dozen or so Democrats sat down to announce their plan to use a sit-in to take control of the chamber in order to demand at least one vote on legislation to prevent those on the terrorist watch list from purchasing firearms.

Their numbers grew throughout the day, and by nighttime, more than 100 Democrats had taken over the floor, using their iPhones to broadcast the events on Periscope and Facebook because technically the House was not in session as GOP leaders pondered how to respond to the guerrilla tactics. Cited


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