Democratic candidates lead by-elections for the Georgian Senate

Democratic candidates lead by-elections for the Georgian Senate

The competition is very tight, but with 97 percent of the vote processed, the Democratic candidates will win the by-elections in the Senate on Tuesday local time in Georgia, USA

In Georgia, none of the Senate candidates won at least 50 percent of the vote in the November 3 election, so it must be repeated. Democratic rivals Raphael Warnock and John Usoff are Republicans in the Senate, Kelly Loeffler and David Purdue.

a The New York Times According to his latest report, Democrat Warnock has a 1.9 percent advantage over Republican Loeffler, while the other Democratic candidate, Usov, has a smaller lead, just 1.1 percent, against Purdue.

The election authorities there promised final results at noon on Wednesday, a BBC According to thousands of votes yet to be counted, in the suburbs of Atlanta, the state’s largest city, Democrats are expected to cast more votes.

The fate of the majority in the Senate of the federal legislature will depend on the outcome of the by-elections of the Georgian Senate. If the Republicans could win even just one seat in Georgia again, they could retain control of the Senate. If the Democratic candidate wins two seats, both parties would have the same number of seats – 50-50 – in the Senate, in which case Kamala Harris, the future Democratic vice president, would vote in the ballot.

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