DELMAGYAR – The world around Szentz has its own atmosphere

Wild Szentesen

The young man from Szentes who works as an electrician is not a professional photographer, he captures the wildlife around Szentes as a hobby. For a while, he only collected photos taken on hikes of himself, but at the behest of his friends, he also created a page for the Szentes wilderness on Facebook.

– I didn’t study photography, I just do it as a hobby, a professional photographer can add to my photos from a few pages. Of course, I’m also gaining momentum, and I’m trying to dig deeper into it. I also bought a new machine, but I will also be interested in shooting with drones – said Ádám.

– At first, I showed my photos only to my friends, and they encouraged me that it was useful to introduce this world to others. This is how I created the Vadon Szentes page – I added the wanderer.

It tempts you to wander

the The page was only recently launchedbut of increasing importance.

– This started as an experiment, and it is also possible that everything will fall to the ground in a couple of months. Right now, it’s incredible to me that it has caught the attention of others, I’ve had so much positive feedback. Many people of my generation have turned away from Chints. For those who no longer live here, it is especially gratifying to see photos of the area where they grew up. I hope it will be possible to show something new to those who live here and get the desire to explore the area, to explore the wilderness of Szentes, said Ádám Virágos.

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