DELMAGYAR - Kiszombor will receive new car parks

DELMAGYAR – Kiszombor will receive new car parks

Zumbek local government received many complaints about traffic congestion in the center of the village, but at the same time parking is difficult – the mayor of the village, Emre Serbek, admitted. As we are convinced, there are no roadside places to wait, especially in rainy weather.

The persistent problem is expected to be resolved this year, as the village submitted a tender for the construction of car parks in January and received HUF 144 million. Of this amount, 35 new parking lots are expected to be built, depending on what paint experts suggest. Most of these buildings will be built on Secide Street, but there will be new parking lots at two other locations. One of these places would be the area next to the school on Móricz Zsigmond. The road here is so narrow that you have to cover the trench first before construction, which of course makes the investment more expensive. The other designated site will be the nursery, where the existing crushed stone car parks will be replaced with new pavers.

Imre Szirbik told Southern Hungary that after going through the usual public procurement procedures, the winning contractor will be able to go to work immediately, which they hope to finish this year. – time is running out. The first man in the village, who mentioned that a lot has been saved, said, for example, we want the construction to be completed as quickly as possible, because building materials are constantly getting more expensive and any delay is a big financial loss.

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