Delete this app from your phone immediately!

Delete this app from your phone immediately!

Recently inform us About an app that looks innocent and works well, but it searches for bank data, and now it’s looking for another malicious app Warn telephone circuit. that’s it Antivirus, super clean It is a malicious application that calls itself an antivirus, which entered through the Google Play Store filter with a clever trick, and after installation, sends a Trojan horse known as SharkBot to our mobile phone. If someone installs an application that has not been very popular until now and is discovered by a few, you should delete it from your smartphone immediately!

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SharkBot is a remote access banking trojan observed in October 2021 experts. Not only does the malware track sensitive banking data (such as TeBot), it can also initiate transfers from infected devices using Automated Transfer Systems (ATS). The attackers behind the app can use trojans to automatically fill in fields in mobile banking apps, thus executing referrals without the attacker user’s knowledge. SharkBot is able to detect when a user opens a banking application, mirrors their login screen, and sends the typed text to the attackers through a keylogger.

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