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Delayed examination of a metallic asteroid

The probe that visits the asteroid Psyche has the same name, and the appropriate period for its launch will end on October 11, 2022. However, in the current situation, it is definitely not possible to do all the remaining work so far, since the flight control program has been delayed and the probe test cannot be completed in time specified, it simply takes longer for the controllers to make sure the software is working properly during the flight. The program was developed during the pandemic period, as hundreds worked to equip both the probe and the program despite many obstacles and conditions.

In light of these developments, a NASA independent investigative panel (comprised of scientists, government, and space experts) will evaluate the following options, including materials, for the probe.

The NASA report According to the start of the test, a compatibility issue was detected between the software and the test unit, which delayed the start-up time from August to the end of September, although the bug was not sufficiently fixed. The Psyche probe will travel to the asteroids with a oscillating maneuver using the gravity of Mars, but only with a probe launched at a specific time can it get close to Mars, otherwise it will not push the probe to the right place. There is a decent period in 2023 and 2024 as well, but even then the probe will be much later, by 2029 and 2030, it will only reach the asteroid instead of the original plan for 2026.

The cost of the entire mission (including the missile) is $985 million, of which $717 million has been spent to date, and the additional costs of any deferment are still being accounted for. In addition to the Psyche probe, NASA was going to launch two more missions with the same rocket, which will need to be redesigned in the near future.

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