Az Elden Ring két bossát gyerekjáték legyőzni egy apró trükkel bevezetőkép

Defeating the bosses of the Elden Ring is a little trick kids game

You rarely see winged monsters falling into losers, but the Elden Ring gargoyle duo simply don’t seem to feel like flying.

FromSoftware used all of its prior knowledge to create the Elden Ring, which can be seen in the game. We have an amazing adventure from the developers that will likely keep the entire community of players on a fever pitch for weeks to come. And hopefully with time, the part that still can’t enjoy the game without cloud due to technical issues.

Anyway, many now have finished their first wander, so they are busy with various things Try tricks and look for exploitable bugs.

Reddit user /u/Lynariel969 wastes time eliminating the game’s strongest opponents with specific methods. Last time, he found a clever little trick that would allow him to impede the dual attack.

All we have to do with the pair at Nokron is lure them to the edge of a nearby waterfall. There and then we let them pounce on the losers.

The taste of the thing is that since they are gargoyles, they can rightly assume that they are smoothly back in the ring with the help of their large wings. Instead, the monsters seem to forget themselves in their bacterial embarrassment and become more at peace with the darkness.

We still have something to tell you, you’ll find all the interesting stuff here!

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