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Deep v.  You heard: The creators of the Netflix documentary made a shocking decision!

Deep v. You heard: The creators of the Netflix documentary made a shocking decision!

Cinema news – Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard’s director of Netflix documentaries, Emma Cooper, opened up about why she decided to drop both actors from the project.

The Netflix documentary series about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, DEPP V. HEARD, does not include interviews with either star. Director Emma Cooper explained her decision to forgo interviews with the two stars who were at the center of the events the limited series explores and dissects.

The six-week televised legal battle that ended with Depp winning a defamation lawsuit against Heard was the talk of the town throughout the pre-trial and post-trial proceedings.

And the conversations that took place around it included issues that aroused passion in people, regardless of the issue itself. As a result, after the trial ended, several media adaptations and sketches were given the go-ahead, and Netflix agreed to produce a docu-series about the case.

Since the Depp vs. Heard experiment had already been depicted in Hot Take, Cooper’s documentary didn’t have to pick from the low-hanging fruit, and the director made her goal clear with the DEPP V. HEARD project, according to Variety.

“Actually, I always intended the conversation to be about the trial. I wanted to get away from it all,” she said, “at the trial and talk about us and the way we communicate and the way we look at events that really have nothing to do with us.” – Tell. “That’s actually what the show is about — but I can’t help but look at some of the things that have been said about me without people seeing the show, and it’s interesting for people to jump to a lot of conclusions, but that’s really not my intention.”

Elaborating elsewhere in the interview, Cooper states succinctly that his intention from the outset was to “provide a compelling and interesting reflection of what happened without the use of interviews or experts”.

The decision not to interview Depp or Heard, whose attorneys reportedly failed to pay Depp $10.4 million in damages, didn’t stop the director from facing backlash from supporters of either camp. Cooper humorously reflects on the backlash associated with the documentary: “You know, it’s a balanced level of hate. I pride myself on the fact that it’s usually 50/50.”

The polarized public opinion around the trial has not faded away. Cooper insisted on following the rules. Among other things, he visited the two stars’ legal representative to brief the parties on the docu-series. But he didn’t even force them to give interviews.

The Netflix docu series will attract many viewers. For the first time, it will present a more balanced and accurate picture of the issue. However, it’s worth wondering how good Cooper’s noble endeavor will be in the long run…

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