'Decapitated' at KFC in England: A fried chicken head was found in a basket ordered from a restaurant

‘Decapitated’ at KFC in England: A fried chicken head was found in a basket ordered from a restaurant

He only wanted wings, but there was also a surprising portion of chicken in order.

the sun is mentioned About the fact that two days ago a very strange complaint appeared shock ready On the Instagram page that collects bad reviews from restaurants. (The name of the page in Hungarian may translate to Takeaway Trauma.)

The criticism of the third of December is an emphatic criticism Gabriel He filled it, who had ordered himself food from KFC near London, and in his review wrote that he had found a whole chicken head in the basket of spicy chicken wings when he considered his order.

I found a fried chicken head among the spicy chicken wings. It prevented me from eating more

A frustrated customer, who even attached photographic evidence, wrote his assessment. The fried chicken head is shown in the second photo of the entry.

There were several positions about the story in the comments to the post. One user wrote, “I wish I could go back in time a couple of minutes when I haven’t seen this yet.”

Another said, “What do we need to get a star?” Pointing out that Gabriel gave the quality of the food she ordered from the fast food restaurant with a star and a half. But there were also those who argued that seeing an animal’s head made them more aware of what people were eating.

When you eat meat, you have no reason to complain, you only face the truth of what you eat once

One wrote, while another said thus: “If you cannot bear that your food is a dead animal, you should not eat meat.”

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The UK’s KFC Twitter account responded with regret and then joked that this was the “most generous two-star rating ever”.

The Sun’s online edition was also told that they were really surprised by the photo, so an investigation was opened after Gabrielle contacted them.

Simply put, we serve real chicken – and we’re proud of it – but this is clearly overridden by the stringent processes and controls that our suppliers, partners and teams put in to make everything fresh in our restaurants.

The restaurant chain responded, adding that more steps have already been taken on the matter, such as retraining its staff.

“However, that doesn’t change Gabrielle’s experience – which is why we visited her and she accepted a few free KFC from us,” continues their response to the paper, which also reveals that Gabrielle and her family have been invited to the restaurant to see how she prepares.

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