Szinetár Dóra és Apáti Bence vitája

Debate between Dóra Szinetár and Bence Apáti

Dóra Szinetár If necessary, he takes his opinion in court that harmful public speech and incitement should be forbidden. Appence Pence And representative of the synthetic conflict a Hungarian orangeShe started with an interview with the ballet artist. She sued the card but lost. But the debate is not over here, according to press reports Pence Abbate Berlitz Dóra Szinetár Writes A glance.

(Photo: smagpix / Piroska Olajos)

“I find the type of contact that Bence Apáti causes to be very harmful and dangerous in the long run. I haven’t read about any press yet, nor have I watched a TV show that isn’t about harming a person or person. Even if he praises her, he does it too by comparing the person to someone kicking him. To my current message. Eight times… and this is just his writing on the Internet, and I do not count the sentences he said on television. “ He said last A new look appears Dóra Szinetár.

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(Opening Image: smagpix / Piroska Olajos)

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