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Deadly Speed ​​10: Driving Skills for Advanced Drivers

Deadly Speed ​​10: Driving Skills for Advanced Drivers

All roads lead to Rome, and the Deadly Pace scriptwriters finally realized this, because at the beginning of the tenth part, the streets of Rome were the main characters, even the Spanish Steps and the Vatican were not excluded from the list, the very existence of the latter is at stake, not to mention that Roman films Vacation and The Italian Job were also invoked to the point of jest. We see the city in gorgeous shots, and not only are the cameras racing with the cars, but the incredible beauty of Rome has also been revealed countless times in the aerial shots. However, we can say that it was especially good for the tenth episode that Justin Lin got off the director’s chair and was replaced by Gary Scott Thompson, known as the scriptwriter for many episodes, but also because the creators went back to their business. the roots. In this segment, acceleration racing is emphasized again, which – let’s face it – gives the series its strength. There is no shortage of cars to see it.

Lethal Speed ​​10. Photo: UIP-Duna Film

In Deadly Rhythm 10. Brings the whole family back together

They properly pay homage to the old Verdac, the top players are of course getting into their usual infernal turbocharged wonders, and to make sure there’s no shortage of streamlined cars, the latest electric models will also debut. So for those fans who really love to enjoy the verda, there is nothing else to do but sit back and enjoy the view.

The same can be said about the action scenes. Every episode of Deathly Pace has a wry grin on one’s face, wondering if it’s possible to ramp up car stunts in a surreal and totally unrealistic way, and it was no different this time around, but arguably for Episode X it was possible. They ramp it up, but to the point where the viewer may find himself holding onto the arm of a theater chair for most of the movie, barely running out of popcorn. But we also know very well that Deadly Pace is not only an action movie series, but also a very emotional movie series at the same time (that’s why guys usually don’t have to overcome a lot of resistance if they want to invite their girlfriend to it. This kind of car racing movie Saturday night).

Perhaps in no part is the importance of the family so much emphasized as in this one. But not only husband and wife and children, but everyone who is related and believes that if we stick to each other, then together we will definitely achieve more than individually.

It’s so amusing and disturbing in these movies how these tough guys can love the ones they love and not be shy about expressing their feelings with cute and awkward words. However, this part seemed to be more emotional than usual, but perhaps the dramatic balance of the whole thing is that Jason Momoa, who plays the villain, is a crazy psychopath who tries to joke around, but his jokes aren’t that funny. Absolutely, so he has no feelings whatsoever.

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So in this part we get everything a good individual can From the episode Deadly Pace We can expect: there is fun and entertainment here, heart-to-heart sends work too, there are wild chase scenes and car games completely unimaginable in reality. But – let’s face it – that’s exactly why we love these movies. Because of miracles. But we also feel that there are areas where miracles don’t happen. Vin Diesel is a gray area, though the two or three emotional states he conveys to the audience is probably enough, so his acting doesn’t distract the audience from the wonders of the car.

Cover image: A scene from the movie (Photo: UIP-Duna Film)

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