Dead story 3090 card continues refund EVGA!

Looks like the manufacturer has checked that too new world Whether he actually killed his EVGA 3090 cards or not, that caused a lot of indignation in the gaming community.

Back in July 2021, when Amazon New World closed beta was still in full swing, news came out that expensive EVGA 3090 Geforce graphics cards were rarely available while playing a closed beta.

After many articles and youtube videos on the Internet, the video card manufacturer decided to conduct a thorough investigation into the problem. The result was that it wasn’t the video game that caused the problem, but the “poor workmanship” associated with the first batches of cards.

About twenty “dead” cards were found, but the company investigated and X-rays found that welding problems were causing the malfunction and not the game.

EVGA has confirmed that each of its reported failures pertain only to its 3090 line.

All users affected by the bug received replacement cards, and the company confirmed that the number of cards affected was small rather than a collective, roughly less than one percent of cards sold.

Also, there have been no issues since the developers of Amazon New World added the frame selector during patch to the game’s main menu, and hopefully there won’t be any other major issues with the 3,090 cards around the New World in the future when the game is complete in 2021. Starts September 28 On September 28 – on PC.

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