Dead Island 2 has given a sign of life again

Dead Island 2 has given a sign of life again


This time, through the Amazon online store, there is a glimmer of hope that there will eventually be something out of this game.

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It was originally announced in 2014, eight years ago, is he still alive or is he just a zombie dead island 2? It would be hard to say and sure only a deep silver Publisher and developer in principle Dambuster Studios You can know. Anyway, there’s been a slight turmoil in recent years, in which case the developers or publisher assured everyone that while they literally don’t want to show anything off of it at the moment, the project is still alive and well and for that matter.

We can report something similar now, although this time Amazon’s online store has stopped itself. Dead Island 2 – Day One Edition product page loaded. They even added a cover photo and some very interesting information.

According to this, the story revolves around a team of eight people who are immune to the virus responsible for the zombies. The whole mess began on Banui Island, and within a few months it reached California. Therefore, the entire state eventually turned into one huge, closed quarantine area. Those who refused to leave their homes can now fight for daily survival against the growing number of zombies. On the other hand, others come here from afar to start a new life or just to spice up their daily lives with some adventure and excitement.

The gameplay builds on the foundations laid by the first part, but makes it more exciting with a lot of exciting and crazy weapons. In the explorable world, we can also visit famous sites such as the Golden Gate Bridge or Venice Beach. We also get an eight-person co-op mode.

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Dead Island 2 has received another scheduled premiere date, which according to it will be released on February 3, 2023. Of course, since the page was removed in a jiffy, all the above information should be treated as rumors for the time being. Until the official confirmation comes, we won’t be any wiser. ■

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