DC Dating Tips Shared experiences can keep the flame of love alive

As our relationship has become more secure and we have moved beyond the stage of getting to know you, the joint programs and classic dates that we make room for are gradually receding into the background and becoming more rare.

Dates are important and not just in the first months of a relationship, we should strive to have as many experiences together as possible. Private, even intimate moments are necessary so that they do not fade away in everyday life, so that the flame of love does not fade away. Within the four walls of the house, where we spend most of our time, we don’t have much opportunity to do so.

Let’s go out! We don’t necessarily have to donate money to the joint program!

Let’s go for a walk on the bank of the Danube!

Just like the greenery of nature, the ripples of the river have power. In addition, in the Hungarian capital, you can enjoy a stunning view, and you can take a walk on both sides of the Danube. According to some, the lights on the Buda side at night are spooky, but Pest is no exception, as the illuminated Parliament House is also quite fascinating. Walk day or night, be sure to take a detour a Margaret Islandwhere our thoughts can rest as we walk through the trees, holding hands.

let’s move!

Going to the cinema is a classic dating program, and it is an excellent choice in every season, because in winter we can go indoors to keep warm, and in summer we can enjoy a cool air-conditioned room. Since the pandemic, life has returned to Hungarian cinemas, and large networks and art-house cinemas are also waiting with open doors for movie-loving viewers and those who want to relax. We can choose from a wide range of action movies, superhero movies, dramas, fantasy stories and comedy specials for the night.

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Going to the movies is a classic dating showSource: Shutterstock / Stocklite

Let’s have dinner at a restaurant!

Dinner together is another classic, boring option for some, but there is no more romantic option. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from all over the city, and it doesn’t matter if you have a food intolerance, because most places offer vegetarian, vegan, or vegan menus as well as vegan places specifically. If you want a candlelit dinner, if you want to immerse yourself in one of the cultures of the Middle East, if you want to dine among animals or in the world of Harry Potter, Budapest has the opportunity to do so.

Hearty breakfasts, that is, breakfasts and lunches

Nobody likes to get up early on the weekend unless they have to. If you don’t feel like going out in the evening, but want to try the restaurant, go to brunch with your partner. The breakfast-brunch combination (that is, breakfast and lunch) is an ideal Saturday or Sunday morning program. Don’t even set an alarm, get up when your body wakes up, get ready slowly, turn off or mute your phone and sit down at one of those downtown brunch spots and enjoy a filling “breakfast”. If we feel like it, we can even cut calories afterwards.

Walks in the history of the city

Today, countless companies offer, City walking tours, which offer a much more complex and better experience than the guided tours you might have in mind at first. During the guided walking tours, we can discover hidden places in Budapest or even the legends of well-known sites, and we can learn about memories of bygone eras that can still be found around us today. Walking tours of the city’s history are visits to museums in a lively interactive environment, as the city itself presents the exhibition.

Today, there are countless companies offering walking tours of the citySource: Shutterstock / Look Studio

escape rooms

If you want to bond more with your partner, choose escape rooms. There are many places in Budapest where you can choose from escape rooms with a variety of themes, from easy ones to very difficult ones. In order to defeat the enemy, prevent an attack, an evil scientist, or even break out of captivity, we must unite and solve puzzles together.

Balloons in the city park

It wouldn’t be the first choice for those with space constraints, but Balloon Lookout, which opened last year in V√°rosliget, offers a unique experience. The ancient “hot air balloon” is launched into the air with the help of a crane, and from the basket attached to it, a fantastic spectacle unfolds before our eyes. It is worth admiring Budapest from above during the day and at night.

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