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Daytona USA 2 is also coming to new platforms!

Daytona USA 2 is also coming to new platforms!

In the game that can also be called Yakuza 7 Gaiden, in a completely incomprehensible way, only arcade races will appear.

SEGA and Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio have published new information on their website about the amphitheater, cabaret club, Pocket Circuit, karaoke, game room and darts game, as it has always been necessary in the franchise to have additional side activities in addition to wrestling. Time can pass. Hell Arena offers all the combat entertainment imaginable to whet the appetites of discerning customers. Control your allies and conquer the arena. In the tournament, we can fight against an army of opponents, and similarly many of them attack us in Hel Rumble. Special Event Match is a mode where matches are randomized and have their own unique rules, while Hell Team Rumble offers a team match where you gather allies to take on the demons of Hell.

In Hell Team Rumble mode, it is essential to properly organize and train your team. Our most resistant allies should be placed in the front row, while support team members and those with effective long-range weapons should be placed in the back. Let’s try to design unique strategies so that we can properly use the unique qualities of team members.

In the Fighter Lounge, you can find new allies or chat with your current teammates to build stronger bonds. We can also relieve the fatigue of our allies here. In the bay, far from prying eyes, floats a mysterious tanker called “The Citadel.” In the amphitheater on the ship, three legendary yakuza from the Tojo clan appeared. Under the Legendary Fighter Pack, we can fight with them here to determine who is the coolest guy in the dam.

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This time, the cabaret club is waiting for live models. Let’s choose from the five people and then enjoy the evening. If we have already established a relationship with them, they may also invite you to spend some private time afterwards, and we can even get a glimpse of a completely different side of them.

Pocket Circuit can be played at CourStar, a bar and café in Sotenbori. Ran will be able to obtain new bodies and parts. Let’s take a look at some of the new modes, such as Time Attack, where you can compete for the fastest time, or Rival, where you can challenge opponents in the city.

Karaoke has added a new song called Sayonara Silent Night! We can even sing a duet with Akame and Sotenbori. Sayonara Silent Night is the first Christmas song from the studio. The lyrics beautifully capture the feelings of a middle-aged man unable to tell the love of his life his true feelings. The song was written to capture Kiryu’s struggle as he wrestles with his decision to live alone. The store allows you to customize Kiryu’s appearance (stylish suits, twisted shirts and other items of clothing). Fighting Vipers 2 and SEGA Racing Classic 2 can also be found in the games room. This would be Daytona USA 2, only due to the loss of the license it is run under a new name. Among other things, it will be possible to play Galaxy Force and Flicky on the SEGA Master System. The dart machine has been updated for Darts Live 3! Count-Up Cricket has been added to Darts. There are also special arrows in the shape of a rose, a thorn and other shapes.

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Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name will be released on November 9 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PC (Steam, Microsoft Store), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

source: Gimatsu

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