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Day in and day out: After economic protection comes an action plan for economic restart

Day in and day out: After economic protection comes an action plan for economic restart

Viktor Orban announced that small and medium enterprises will receive a free loan of ten million forints for a period of ten years. The Prime Minister said: After the economic protection is coming, an action plan to resume the economy.

By March 15, all people over the age of 60 who registered will be vaccinated, the prime minister told Radio Kossuth. Viktor Orban added: If the Chinese vaccine could be used, more than two million people would be vaccinated in Hungary at the beginning of April. The minister who already occupies the prime minister’s office has spoken in the media government that if the epidemic situation does not worsen, the partial lifting of restrictions could begin in two phases from the beginning of March.

The Mayor of Gyeongju didn’t just ask for the second vaccination out of people’s anger. György Hiesz – who illegally obtained the vaccine – appeared again on local television. The mayor was repeatedly involved in the controversy.

Ákos Hadházy paid his parliamentary sentence with his supporters, and he could even get the millions of money needed to pay the fines. According to the announcement of the independent politician’s assets, in addition to the salaries and corporate income of his representatives, he received 5.2 million HUF from his voters. It spent part of this on fines, but did not comment on donations of more than two million forints.

Many opposition politicians were able to take advantage of the loan repayment suspension that the left has often criticized. This was revealed in recent statements about the property of the MPs. Many of them amassed a fortune. However, their loans have not been paid off or they have paid much less in installments than the previous year.

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He was fired from the mayor’s office due to his Christian blasphemy office. In a previous blog post, Gáspár Békés described the baptism as a crime, then bragged that he had painted the cross on Gellért Hill in a rainbow color. According to the capital, Fides, hiding behind the guise of acceptance, the left attacks increasingly vigorously those of different beliefs.

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