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Dawn of the Decline of Politics: Celebrities in the Presidency

Dawn of the Decline of Politics: Celebrities in the Presidency

Warehouse candidates

The US presidential election will be held in November this year. Donald Trump Relying on campaigns rooted in history Nixon He wants to follow in his footsteps while you are Bernie Sanders Among other things, it is gaining supporters among fans of the cartoon. Among the candidates Kanye West It also appears, which we are used to seeing most on stage.

Kanye West is running for the US presidential election in November / Photo: Getty Images

Kanye West The chances of the rapper and former Trump supporter are close to zero without a smaller party or at least 10,000 signatures. However, we have witnessed countless times that celebrities have also had successful careers in the distant waters of political life. The combination of charisma, media literacy, and anti-establishment approach is a perfect marketing ploy among their fans. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to take into account exactly what makes them famous and the steps they take to gain power from the White House.

Celebrities in the focus of public life

We’ve already seen many examples of celebrities finding themselves out of focus on public issues when they stepped out of the spotlight. Sonny BonoHe was elected mayor of Palm Springs in 1988, and in 1994 he was also nominated for Congress. Jesse Ventura In 1999, he became the governor of Minnesota. And of course there is Ronald Reagan Also a former Hollywood actor. After the California government, he served as President of the United States from 1981 to 1989. However, this phenomenon is not limited to the United States, as similar moments in public life can be observed in Pakistan, Ukraine and Guatemala. Celebrities around the world have become involved in politics, and some of them, moreover, can go to the highest official positions.

Kicking off celebrities in public life assumes that they indulge in social issues with less knowledge. But by their reputations, their campaigns are more likely to attract media attention.

Startups sometimes lack in-depth knowledge of politics and governance, as well as previous experience in governance. Changes in political life also contribute to this, as US Presidents and Senior Representatives today struggle to get an important follow-up camp like our celebrities. In order to reach supporters, it is absolutely essential to use social media and other popular platforms thanks to the development of technological developments.

Donald Trump claims to be a lonely fighter and is fighting for America alone

Donald Trump can rightly feel left alone in the fight, as his niece and former advisor has also written a book revealing about it. US President Donald Trump described himself on Twitter as a lone fighter, and all of that was confirmed with an exclamation point, Design Taxi wrote.

The phenomenon of blurred lines between entertainment and news also contributes to changes in political life. Today, much of the news is increasingly aimed at entertainment rather than informing readers and viewers. On second thought, this isn’t unfamiliar ground for famous performers either. However, the role of the media and political change is not limited to explaining celebrities’ stance on public issues. Anti-settlement campaigns also mean red dots for celebrities running for MPs or presidential titles.

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Fraudulent belief

It is not an neglected fact that celebrities use simpler communication and more direct use of language. All this creates a sense of understanding and arouses sympathy among their supporters. Voters live in the illusory belief that they clearly understand the goals and intentions of the candidate, but in reality they inadvertently turn a blind eye to the fact that the celebrity in question does not have a scientific background, degree, association, or major institution behind it – it is.

An interesting addition is that the lack of knowledge is not a deterrent even after learning the truth.

Anti-intellectualism is something that attracts voters who do not want to support a candidate who seems smarter. Writes a Conversation. These qualities are seen as advantages that dig a hopeful loophole in traditional politics.

The White House claims that Donald Trump is reading national security documents

Donald Trump is not in good shape: The coronavirus pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement, and two public scandals may have contributed to the decline in the president’s popularity, and Democratic candidate Joe Biden took the lead in the battle for the presidential election in November.

However, the emergence of famous politicians does not mean that democracy will become more interesting or open. The growth of these candidates is the dawn of the decline of political life.

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