Davis Cup – Joseph Krusko: Today’s national team will need courage against Australia

In September 1995, the Hungarians defeated the Australians 3-2 at Kestadion with a huge achievement, the team was made up of Sándor Noszály, József Krocskó, László Markovits, Gábor Köves and successful captain Janos Benik. On the show, Nozali suffered a smooth defeat from Mark Philippoussis, then Kruskow tied with a win over Todd Woodbridge. The duo was brought up in five sets by 11-time Grand Slam champion Woodbridge, Mark Woodford’s duo against Kovis and Markowitz, and then came the “miracle” on closing day: Nozali beat Woodbridge and then Krusko Philippoussis in a massive battle.

In the world rankings at the time, 192 Krocskó was a special Davis Cup specialist, and he admitted the game had always been better for him in the national team.

“Before anyone thought Kisstadion was our real home, it was a mistake, because like the Australians, we played there for the first and last time. However, it was very important that we were able to choose the cover and the ball as manager. We both loved it, the fresh slag and the slightly slower ball. ”, as one of the Hungarian heroes of the battle recalls on the site of the Confederation, who, after the defeat of Nozali, put great pressure on his shoulders, because if he lost, the victory of the brave would hardly have been collected.

“Since Sasa was in great shape, I thought I’d have plenty of time to get ready in the dressing room. My game with the Australian, who was rarely able to break through the net, proved decisive” – ​​Krocskó revealed the recipe for his success, who He fought one decisive two days later against Mark Philippoussis, who was more than a hundred places ahead of him.

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“Of course, Sasa spotted me well again, because this time I had grown a beard by the time I got to the field after five and a half hours of waiting. I will never forget the last spurt when I smashed twice in 5:3 bullets.” Curling by the Australian. From the next moments and minutes, I remember just throwing the bat somewhere and then just running,” said Krusko, who added that the current team would need at least as much success in Sydney.

Captain Janos Pinnick believes the 1995 win was the culmination of his career. He said when they looked for the spot after the draw, he didn’t say where the big game would be, but insisted the cover be malice.

He said with a smile, remembering how Patrick Rafter, the best Australian two-time Grand Slam title holder, had left the team. According to many, he was upset at one of the training sessions, and the captains, the legendary John Newcombe and Tony Roach, decided not to play against the Hungarians – they thought they would arrive smoothly anyway.

“I admit, I was pretty surprised when it turned out that Rafter had been left out of their squad, but I’m not saying we were too upset about it. By then, I was already wondering what if.” Your son said. “In my Saturday husbands, I tried to take the burden off the boys’ shoulders, because they still play with the best players in the world. Although they’ve been kidnapped, they can’t be a disgrace,” Bennick said. According to his confession, before the first meeting on Sunday, the captain was a little afraid that Nozali would continue where he left off against Philippoussis on Friday, but this time he played superbly. Against Todd Woodbridge, who was on the field for the third day, he devised a tactic for “Sasa” to attack the Australian as hard as he could, to put pressure on him, which eventually came.

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“In the final, which decided everything, Jose went on the court in an amazing fashion, and with the exception of the third match, when he chose the wrong tactics, he played tennis almost flawlessly.” An amazing celebration has begun, the train has begun to go. This victory was the culmination of my career,” Bennick said, adding that the real celebration took place at the convention center in the evening.


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