David Harbor has announced if Season 5 of Stranger Things is to be expected

David Harbor has announced if Season 5 of Stranger Things is to be expected

Stranger Things fans haven’t received new episodes of their long-time favorite, Summer 2019, and even though the crew started filming early last year, they still don’t have a set date for the fourth season’s premiere. According to the original plans, production could have returned to the screens in early 2021, but no one expected that the coronavirus epidemic would be so severe that work that continued only in the fall would have to be stopped for several months.

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Understandably, everyone is sitting on needles waiting for the return of Tizzy (Millie Bobby Brown) and her group of friends to bring young people together once again against the forces of darkness. David Harbor recently spoke about his character, Sheriff Marcona Hopper’s miraculous escape, which is what we saw in Gandalf’s Lord of the Rings story. The actor gave the serious news at the time that the B-side of the series, which directed the ’80s, would begin to spin, and season four would be the beginning of the end.

Popularity in Heaven David Harbor, star of Stranger Things in Black Widow now / Image: Netflix

But can we expect Stranger Things to get another seasonal piece of gear from Netflix? From the port, a reporter from ET Canada has withdrawn the confirmation, which cannot be considered official until the broadcast provider makes the announcement, but could fill viewers with optimism.

“We shot a lot in Lithuania, where it was very cold. I won’t reveal more new parts than this, because the plot will be so twisted and exciting that it will take a lot of fun if a few spoilers appear. I consider the last part of the third stage Our best work yet, which we’ve got our hands on, and the sequel will put a shovel on it.” The actor started.

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During the conversation, a reporter from ET Canada tried to break the news about this conversation According to press reports, Netflix also staged the fifth season of Stranger Things, and if that’s the case, the star sure already has some information about where the series is going next.. David Harbor put it this way: “Since you said Jessica and not me… If we’re going to record a series that’s expected to be next season, I’m sure the Dover brothers will tell me something about the direction to take in the future. The fate of the plot and characters. Right from the start, I knew more about what Hopper has been waiting for more than where the production took place, so I feel very lucky.” Stranger things star has been added.

The actor also had unpleasant moments in the filming of Stranger Things because of a dog

“I hated the Byers family dog, Chester, amazingly, no words for how much. From scene to scene, he slipped into something, he simply couldn’t order one by one, he always did something surprising. I went there too to The Dover brothers and I suggested to them that it wouldn’t be a bad thing to shape the story so that Byers would have to put Ebony to sleep for next season. We don’t talk about it anymore.” Later, Chester also disappeared from production, and Noah Schnapp, who played Wilt, put at an audience meeting in Chicago that, to his knowledge, the “character” was no longer present among the living.

Incidentally, Harbor loves dogs, with his wife Lily Allen, having recently adopted a sheltered ebony.

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Recordings for the fourth season of Stranger Things are expected to end in August, followed by post-production for 5-6 months, and sometime in early 2022, the mystery series will appear with its sequel.

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