Data has been stolen from electricity suppliers in the USA

The attackers successfully compromised a subcontractor’s system.

Hackers obtained data from several companies providing services in the US electrical grid during a ransomware attack in October CNN from an internal document.

The targeted system belongs to engineering firm Sargent & Lundy, a government-contracted subcontractor, which operates about 900 power plants and thousands of kilometers of pipelines across the country. The attack, which has not yet been made public, has been monitored and investigated by federal authorities due to the high stakes, and at the same time private investigators have been invited to monitor the dark web to see if the stolen data has appeared somewhere. According to the memo obtained by CNN, distributed to electricity providers.

According to the news agency, the attack was stopped in a timely manner, and so far it appears that it has not had a negative impact on the systems – according to assumptions, perhaps because the data obtained was not important schemes or operational information, but “transferred” data and “files”. The “form” they were.But so far, these have not been discovered by investigators on the dark web.

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