Dark Envoy isn't coming until next year

Dark Envoy isn’t coming until next year

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The fantasy RPG was announced in 2019, but it’s been a wait so far.

25.11.2022 22:54 | Gehrig | Category: game news

Weapons, technology, magic and monsters. All of these will be included in the indie event horizon The studio’s next fantasy role-playing game. The Dark EnvoyIt was announced back in 2019, and then it looked like it might show up a year later. Nothing has come of it that the game hasn’t arrived yet nor will it be this year.

Dark Envoy tells the story of a group of relic hunters who roam the dangerous lands of Yan in search of treasure. The team consists of different fighters that can be chosen from four character classes. It will be worth paying attention to this, as the battles will depend largely on the individual abilities of the characters. Depending on this, it will be possible to use different tactics against the enemy. The other day, the game received a new trailer, in which we learn about these tactical battles that take place in real time, but can be stopped at any time.

Dark Envoy still doesn’t have an exact release date, though. on Steam We only found out that it may arrive sometime in 2023. In addition to PC, the game will also be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. ■

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