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Darcy arrived in Europe with a brutal snowstorm, fog and polar hail

Darcy arrived in Europe with a brutal snowstorm, fog and polar hail

Darcy arrived in Europe with a brutal snowstorm, fog and polar hail

A storm called Darcy, with heavy snow and fog, caused unrest across Europe. The arctic cold came from Russia and it was the place where the air cooled down to -10 degrees. In Germany and the Netherlands, authorities have asked people to stay home.


Snow and hail caused traffic jams in several German provinces, and twenty centimeters of snow fell in the central and northern parts of the country. Winds of 80 km / hr were measured in some places.

Authorities have been warning motorists for days, so few have started, so there has been no traffic chaos, but there are still hundreds of accidents. Usually cars and trucks that have slipped off the snowy or icy road or crossed the road should be rescued. Police say at least 28 people were seriously injured. The authorities asked everyone to stay home. Many highways have been closed. The weather is expected to get cooler in the country in the coming days, with snowfall of up to 40 inches.


A red alert was also issued due to a snowstorm called Darcy in the Netherlands, which also caused snowfall due to traffic disturbances. Residents were told to stay indoors and were also warned that icy winds could reach 90 km / hr. Several train and bus services have been temporarily suspended.
This is the last severe climate in the Netherlands in ten years.

united kingdom

The Darcy Storm brought fog, rain and snow to the east coast of the United Kingdom at the same time. Here, several roads became impassable due to the snowfall, and many vaccination centers were closed by Monday.

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But doomsday is also devastating in France, where homes, vineyards and orchards have been ravaged by days of floods. Lots of people have had to leave their homes. According to some reports, up to 2,000 people would have to be evacuated if rivers continued to flood.

Heavy snowfall is causing unrest across Europe

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